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    My problem is weird... and i've hardly heard of anyone having it. i have samsung galaxy S3 SGH-T999 T-mobile....been using since 3 months and it has always had a network problem.. i hardly( i stress.."hardly" because once or twice i have received) get any phone calls from land line number ..they say it gives a "busy tone" whenever they try to call me...
    and i have many network problems..and sometimes there is this "block sign thingie" appearing in place of network signal (beside that battery signal? i hope you get it..)
    .i feel like i've been using tablet instead of a cell phone.It is so annoying!!
    please help me!
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    OK Roslyn, I can surely

    OK Roslyn, I can surely assist you here. I will give you few methods/solutions to attempt because there is no real way to solve all problems with only one possible solution.

    Press the menu key to select call settings,
    > Navigate to additional settings at the bottom
    >Click on Call barring
    >Disable all barring on calls

    Another method to try

    > *#*#4636#*#*

    Click on phone information
    > Turn off Radio


    Navigate to settings

    >More networks

    >Mobile network–Network mode

    >network operators

    >select automatically preferred network.

    Your IMEI number can also nulled so please check, if you see 000's or null via testing :*#06#

    Follow this article

    Nulled Imei
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    Same Problem here I have

    Same Problem here I have 2 SGH T999 Mostly sims are not working (Searching) No Forwarding No Income Calls no Sms Also help :(?

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