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Hi there.

I have inserted my sim into a brand new S5, purchased overseas. when the phone is turned on, it recognises a sim card has been inserted. it asks if I want to make changes etc. If I go to wireless and networks under the settings, it will not let me access anything under mobile networks. it also wont let me activate the data connection. it does however connect to the wifi. please can you let me know what the problem could be and how I can go about rebooting, restoring functions and getting the network to connect.
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Hello Nikki and welcome to

Hello Nikki and welcome to Technobezz forums.

I am afraid the phone you have purchased is locked to a different carrier than the one you have the sim from. Therefore it won't allow you to access anything under Mobile Networks.

You have 3 options:

1) First, you need to locate your handset IMEI number by dialing #06# or go to Settings > More > About device > Status. Write down your IMEI number and call the service provider’s customer service line and ask for the SIM unlock code for your Samsung Galaxy S5. Provide your Galaxy S5 IMEI number to process the unlock code request and your service provider will email you the SIM unlock code for your phone in 1-3 days.

2) Order a sim card from the country you have purchased the phone from. I assume this won't be of much use for you since the prices when you are in a roaming area (example US to EU) are very high.

3) Take the phone to a local service and ask them to sim/carrier unlock it.

Step 3 can be performed by you as well, but if you have no experience you will risk to damage the phone. So I highly recommend to take it to a professional service.
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