No charging indication but charging slowly from wall power



I have a new Galaxy S5 G900H. When charging from mains power AUS 240V there is no charging indication (No red LED, audible signal or battery flash icon) but it does charge..slowly. However, when plugged into PC or laptop power (USB 2.0) it charges fine and at an adequate rate with all available indications (RED LED, initial audible signal and battery flash icon). The charging hardware is all approved and charges my previous Galaxy S3 with no issues.


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Although batteries tend to last

Although batteries tend to last longer when you charge them slowly.However,It is not safe to charge your Samsung galaxy S5 with the different Rate Charger (Output Voltage/power)

Typically, all USB connected Samsung Phone charges by 5 volts p-p (ttl)

While The Samsung galaxy s3 uses a 5volt 700ma charger. it may not work fluently to charge the Samsung galaxy S5 that needs a different Output power -2.0-Amp to charge efficiently
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