No 5Ghz network on Moto G ?


When I buyed my Moto G, I was expecting this phone to have dual band 2.4Ghz/5Ghz wi-fi. Am I the only one with Moto G and this issue ? Because mine doesn't see 5Ghz networks, and Wifi analyser app can't be set to 5Ghz. I asked for many views and few people tell me something about beeing dual band ... Can someone with 5ghz network confirm this dual band ?
Thank you !


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Why do you need dual band that much? It's a misunderstood WiFi protocol because most people don't need it and won't use it. 5Ghz doesn't mean it's going to be faster, and that particular band even has shorter range than 2.4Ghz. It's only useful if you're on a connection where the 2.4Ghz version would be crowded with too many connected devices. In that case, then the 5Ghz connection might be worth connecting to. The newest version of the Moto G is indeed a dual band device.