Nexus 6 Tips & Tricks - Do This!


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Here is a long post for you, I recently found a list of good tips & tricks for new Nexus 6 owners. I’m going to paraphrase and shorten it a bit for you guys here on Technobezz.

<strong>1. Transfer apps & settings from your old phone</strong>
This is most helpful when you’re just setting up your phone. After you’ve connected to WiFi and signed into Google you will be given the option to “get your apps & data”. Here you can choose one of your old backed up Android devices and implement specific backups on your new phone. It wont just take everything and throw it onto your Nexus 6 though, you can pick and choose which data you want transferred.

<strong>2. Smart Lock your phone</strong>
Smart lock is pretty amazing, basically your phone is locked when you’re out and about and unlocked when you’re in the safety of your own home. This works by letting your phone search for “trusted” things in your environment. You can tell the phone to trust either a place, a face, or a device.
Go to <em>Settings</em> > <em>Security</em> > <em>Smart Lock</em>
You’ll be asked to create a security feature (password, pin, or pattern)
Next you will see Trusted devices, Trusted places, and Trusted face
In Trusted devices tap Add trusted device and then choose Bluetooth or NFC
Simply choose a device that is connected or tap and NFC tag
Trusted places will allow you to choose a place using Google Maps.
Trusted face will scan your face to make sure you are safe.

<strong>3. Get started with Google Now</strong>
Google Now is like an assistant that learns to help you better and better over time. You don’t have to ask it directly, it’ll show you things like traffic data, flight schedules, shipped packages, parking spots and much more. And the best thing it, if you use it often the help will become more accurate. Google Now can do so many things, here is a list of voice commands over at phandroid. Why not give them all a try?

<strong>4. Use Battery Saver Mode</strong>
In Android Lollipop you have a feature called Battery Saver mode. This feature allows you to get a bit of extra juice from your phone. You can set up so that when your battery is low, the phone will go into low-power mode and lower performance, turn off animations and restrict background data. The phone will be very slow to use, but that’s a small price to pay for extra battery life.

To enable Battery Saver got to <em>Settings </em>> <em>Battery </em>> <em>3-dot menu</em> > <em>Battery saver</em>.

<strong>5. Hide Sensitive Content</strong>
On the Nexus 6 you get a lot of notifications directly on the lock screen. Sometimes you might want to hide these notifications from curious people. Here is how you do it:

Open <em>Settings</em> > <em>Sound & Notification</em> > <em>When device is locked</em> > Hide sensitive notification content. Or choose Don’t show notifications at all if you’re secretive.

<strong>6. Enable Screen Pinning</strong>
Screen Pinning allows you to lock your phone to just one app so that people can’t go snooping around your device while they use it. To enable this feature you go to <em>Settings </em>> <em>Security </em>> <em>Screen pinning</em>. When you want to pin an app you simply press the square Overview button, scroll up to the blue thumb tack icon in the bottom right corner. To reverse the pinning, just long-press the back and overview button at the same time.

<strong>7. Do some Home Customizing</strong>
The home screen is one of the most customizable things on your smartphone. You can change the wallpaper, add tons of app icons, folders, widgets and so much more. You are only limited by your imagination.

By long pressing the black sections of your home screen you will get a zoomed out view of its pages, as well as options to change wallpaper, add widgets, or edit your Google Now.

You can resize and place your widgets as you see fit, just long-press them after you’ve placed them and you’re good to go. You can also add unlimited pages if you want to have every app possible on the home screen.

<strong>8: Play the Lollipop Game</strong>
Just try it
Go to <em>Settings </em>> <em>About phone</em> > <em>Android version</em>.
Tap the version number 5 times.
Smash the lollipop a bit and then long press it,

I hope you’re having fun with your Nexus 6, I sure am!