Nexus 5 Camera Quality and Lollipop


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One of the main weaknesses of the Nexus 5 has always been its main camera. It just doesn't take the best photos, and other phones will run circles around the image quality. However, I'd say that Lollipop did improve the image quality somewhat, though autofocus issues still remain. Software enhancements can only do so much when the hardware has been maxed out in the camera already.


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I think the camera is very capable. I have the LG G2 and it is basically a somewhat improved version of the Nexus 5, with the same camera.
The problem here is the software, which is Google's fault. The sensor can do so much more, I'm able to film 4k on my phone.


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How are the raw images? Is it worth it to take raw images and then "develop" them on the PC versus just taking jpgs?