My W3 Total Cache Configuration Guide

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    This w3 total cache configuration guide Consist of all the right configs and settings to increase your website speed and performance . settings sw3 total cache shared hosting

    This W3 Cache Configuration guide consist of Easy Web Performance Optimization (WPO) using caching: browser, page, object, database, minify and content delivery network support.

    W3 Total Cache Configuration Guide
    Table Of Contents [hide]

    This step by step tutorial will guide you to optimize your WordPress database and core function to its full potential by tweaking the W3 Total cache Plugin

    The First Option You should see is

    Page Cache
    by Enabling page caching , your website will decrease in response time.

    Page Cache Must Be Enabled

    Minify Reduce load time by decreasing the size and number of CSS and JS files

    Minify Must Be Disabled .(Will tell you why later in this article)

    Database Cache
    If you Enable database caching it will reduce post, page and feed creation time.However, only enable this if you have a large website requesting a lot of dynamics database queries

    Database Cache Should be disabled if you have a small-moderate website

    Object Cache
    Object Cache Should Be Disabled as prior to Database Cache

    Browser Cache
    This Reduces server load and decreases response time by using the cache available in site visitor’s web browser. Every time a user visits your website all the JavaScript, CSS and files are stored on their browser cache to enhance load time on the second and subsequent visits.

    Browser Cache Should Be Enabled

    Host static files with your content delivery network provider to reduce page load time.CDN is very effective because it stores static files of your web site on a remote cloud storage , instead of saving all those files ,pictures,videos etc on your web hosting.This increases your website load time 60%

    This Could be disabled. If you have your own CDN then Fine

    Network Performance And Security Powered By CloudFlare
    CloudFlare Is a free CDN that provides your website with Speed and Security .Sign Up For CloudFlare

    CloudFlare Should Be Enabled

    General Page Cache Settings For W3 Total Cache Configuration Guide
    w3 total cache configuration guide


    General Browser Cache Settings For W3 Total Cache Configuration Guide
    w3 total cache configuration guide

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