My samsung galaxy s4 won't charge?


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So i bought a samsung galaxy s4 last week, and so far i was really impressed by it. but today when i
woke up i saw that it was almost dead.
So i thought that i forgot to put it in the charger, but i didnt. it was connected correctly but it wasent charging.
So i put the charger out-and then in again but now it only vibrates every 10 seconds then it shuts itself down.
It shows a picture of the battery and like arrows in a circle inside the battert, but nit the usual green at the bottom when the battery is charging,
I dont know whats wrong? so i put the charger in it vibrates the gray picture of the battery shows up, then it fades away?? i dont understand last night it was charging and working prefectly.
So i just wont charge, so whats the problem. PLEASE HELP


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Try pluging the charger into the phone with out the battery in the phone in - it should power up - if so then it's problably not your charger thats faulty - you may have a duff battery

best bet really is to take back to the store you purchased from, or check the returns policy if you purchased online


It might be the phone. I had this issue, tried many chargers, but none worked. I replaced the power connector in the phone. OEM part online for a little over $12, videos are available on youtube. Less than 15 minutes later my phone was working perfectly. Something like a battery temp sensor going bad on this connector will prevent it from allowing the battery to charge.


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It is not the phone, it is the cable for your charger. I have gone through this a couple of times, not just on Samsung but iPhone also. You can plug in the charger and all appears fine, it will even show charging on the screen icon but will not actually charge. Replace the cable.


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Mine did same thing about a month after I purchased. I returned to store. They replaced the battery and sent me on my way. Well it has been about a month and doing same thing again. I have searched on web and can find no answer so heading back to AT & T in the morning.


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I understand. I recommend you to try and do a few tests to diagnose the problem before taking to a shop. The first step you should take is to reset the phone completely, formatting it and resetting it with brand new settings so that you check if the problem was the software calibration of the battery, if you did that and it's still a problem, the next step you should do is buy a new charger, they're pretty cheap on eBay, it doesn't have to be an original, any with the same electricity flow would work, if that didn't work, I recommend you to buy a new battery and then try it out with the new charger and old charger, if that didn't work as well, you need to take it to a shop because that leaves out no other options than a battery problem or the little piece of metal that attaches to the charger.


I restarted mine, and it went back to charging. I was so glad because this is a replacement phone from my insurance, and I've only had it about 3 months. The other phone developed the same problem.
Just RESTART and see what happens.