my samsung galaxy s3 gets hot

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    my samsung galaxy s3 gets hot all of a sudden. i was using it to make long distance calls and streaming movies online,occasionally.One day i left my Samsung galaxy s3 in idle mode ,soon after it began to gets hot and over heating .When i feel the battery it is very hot .What i don't understand is that i am not using the phone ,it is in idel/inactive state but somehow the battery draining fast and running hot.

    <strong>how to fix my samsung galaxy s3 gets hot</strong>
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    my self is having the

    my self is having the same problem as well, my Samsung galaxy s3 gets hot for no reason.Today it was at 100% before i went to bed, when i woke up it was at 12% , normally it would be at 79%.

    What i noticed is that , it occurs soon after i updated my phone.My husband S4 running Kitkat 4.3 never gets hot or even drain fast.

    This problem is getting on top of my nerves, i don't want to buy a battery or a new S3 because i just got the phone since 5 months.

    Please anyone can help?
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    I know this problem is

    I know this problem is very popular among the Samsung galaxy users.The problem is definitely not a hardware problem.

    There are 3 reason why your Samsung galaxy S3 gets hot

    1 <b>Kitkat 4.4 causes Samsung galaxy s3 to super heat up and drain battery</b>

    Unfortunately , you cannot down grade from 4.4 to 4.3 because Google has some strong security defensive software.
    read this post to stop Kikkat 4.4 to stop overheat your Samsung Galaxy S3, it is a S4 article but it works perfectly with the S3

    2 <b>Pre boot up apps and high intensive apps running in the background</a>
    Apps such as Magic jack, mobogenie ,Skype and Google Services are Services which requires a lot of power .It runs in your phone's background, when in use and when in idle.
    This can be the cause why your samsung galaxy s3 gets hot when not in used or when you go to bed and wake up.

    Download this app to Find the culprit that is causing your phone to get hot a

    3 <b>Incorrect Kernels</a>
    Kernels are very important for every Samsung Phone, it is define as the Operating system of you Device.It creates a linkage for you software and hardware.

    Every Galaxy Phone Kernels are distinctive, it is pre designed by the manufacturer.
    Knowing all these things, by re-flashing a custom kernel can solve your Samsung galaxy s3 from getting too hot.

    Read here for more, found at the bottom of the page.
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    I solved my problem by

    I solved my problem by going to
    >Clear all Cache
    >Update all my My applications and reboot my phone
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    Ok, so battery life on

    Ok, so battery life on my galaxy s3 has been terrible for the last several months. It would at most last me 6-7 hours. One of my chargers went bad so I decided to buy a brand new one. This time I decided to get a Samsung original instead of a generic charger that I had. The very first thing I noticed was how quickly it charged to 50%. I had not seen that kind of charging for a while. The other thing I noticed that on the first day it gave me 7 hrs charge. I was still happy that it was charging faster so did not have greater expectation. The second day it lasted almost 10 hours so it was almost a miracle waiting to happen. I just can't believe what I am seeing right now as I type..into the 3rd day. I am at 15 .5 hrs and I still have 23% charge. So this is a miracle and I believe this might be the biggest issue with many of the folks complaining about battery life. The other thing is my phone used to get really super hot. It is no longer heating up since I got the new charger.

    So, bottom line, make sure you have Samsung original charger, if you already dont have one. I am planning to get a second :)
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    I know this is a big problem with a lot of phones. When we use our phones for a long time and have an issue with the length of time that we are using them for, the batteries tend to overheat. This can be a big problem with a lot of phones not just the Samsung G3. I think if you turn off the phone for awhile, you might find that it will cool off.
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    I know I might sound like a broken record, but I always feel that I have to chip in with this "solution": get it to a specialist! A man who gets paid to fix phones all day long probably knows more than someone who read something on the Internet. :p

    Sure, if you're cheap and you don't want to pay the costs, you CAN fix it yourself if you're careful.
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    My Galaxy S3 also heats up to a surprising temperature, even when I'm not using it! I had some worries about my battery so I was feverishly looking up solutions because I was worried it might be damaged. Most of the solutions were hard to understand people talking about things I never knew had to do with a phone, these days I can't even look up a simple solutions without having to re-read advice over and over again. I decided to do things my own way and discovered that my phone was getting hot because of apps I leave to run all day. If you turn off some apps, or clear the cache, I've found that it helps a lot with the hotness of your phone and battery lifetime.

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