my blackberry z10 dies @ 25% battery life

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    I have just recently bought a blackberry z10,its less than two months old but surprisingly it cannot run with its battery level at/below 25%,i dnt get warning signs for low battery anymore,it just switches off,what could be the problem?
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    Hello pidoski , it seems

    Hello pidoski , it seems like a battery calibration issue

    >Remove the Battery from your Blackberry

    >Plug in original charger into your blackberry without the battery inserted, VIA PC. Do not connect it by the wall socket .

    > Leave it there plugged in for 30 Mins.

    >After, insert the battery without removing the charger

    >Let the blackberry charge to 100%

    >When the battery is fully charged. Remove the charger

    >Let your Z10 drains to 0%(Discharge) ( Do intensive CPU usage tasks, Playing games, streaming videos etc.)

    >Repeat these step twice.

    Read here for more How To Fix BlackBerry Z10 Battery Dies At 30-15%
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    I was having this problem as well with my Z10. Discharging it has also worked for me. Keep in mind that your phone will also begin to turn off with less battery to conserve energy for emergency calls. But I do know of the bug you are talking about, and thanks for the fix chevypowell.

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