Moto X MMS Problems!

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    The sending of multimedia messages or what is commonly known as MMS is increasing gradually with every passing day. Individuals prefer the use of this form of texting rather than the short message system or SMS as not only does it allow the sending of larger files but also of better standard and quality. But, recently it has so happened that Moto X users have suffered from numerous MMS issues where delivery and sending is disrupted.

    5 Ways To Fix Moto X MMS Problems
    1. Fix the APN Settings
    The many individuals who face an issue with sending MMS and receiving it can tweak the APN settings of their MMS port. Some users have nothing filled in initially while others have a set value of 80. Altering that value of 8080 whether there is an initial value or not usually does the trick and solves the issue.

    1. Increase MMS storage
    Adjusting your settings so as to increase the MMS storage of your device can solve the issue. Many users’ phones have an average value inputted and increasing that value diminishes the possibility of your device rejecting MMS due to size or number. You could also enable/disable the option which allows for the automatic deleting of old MMS as new ones arrive.

    5 Ways To Fix Moto X MMS Problems
    1. Disconnect and Reconnect
    Disconnecting and reconnecting your data service provider or network sometimes fixes this issue in no time. Just as rebooting your device at times works wonders, this refreshes and updates your phone’s settings and hence fixes the issue if there is any. Sometimes even contacting your service provider and discussing the issue with them brings about a positive change to the issue if not resolve it entirely.

    1. Use a stock messaging app
    Users who have faced this issue decided to switch to stock messaging apps. Keeping all the reviews and forum postings in mind, all the users who tried out this technique have benefitted in more than just one way. Some people preferred the use of Hangouts, but the majority of users lauded the stock messaging apps over the rest.

    1. Switch off the WiFi
    As MMS works better on 4G, the fact that the majority of users’ devices have 4G and WiFi connected at one instant, this disrupts the sending of MMS. Turning off the WiFi and solely depending on 4G to send out MMS works a lot better for the all the Moto X users.

    5 Ways To Fix Moto X MMS Problems
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    I've followed everything..I have a Moto x pure edition..had it only a few months and all of a sudden I can not receive picture messages on the default messaging app.
    I have checked the set it up ..turned off wifi turned on wifi..turned off phone ...over and over..brand new phone. Very unhappy.
    Any suggestions.. before I call on my 1 yr warranty for a replacement?

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