Motions And Gesture Problems On Galaxy S4.

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    Samsung Galaxy S4, one of the best inventions of Samsung, came up with many useful features but some of its owners are facing motions and gesture problems on galaxy s4. One user said that he opened the Settings on his Samsung galaxy s4 and turned on all the required features within the “motion” and “air gesture” settings. But the Motions and Gestures features are not working on his phone. The user said that he again turned the features off and then on. However, motions and gesture problems on galaxy s4 have not solved. Some other users complained the same problem at the forum.

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    Potential solutions to solve motions and gesture problems on galaxy S4

    Motions and gesture problems on galaxy s4
    Here are some possible solutions for motions and gesture problems on galaxy s4, and you can follow them if you are facing the same problem.

    1. First of all, disable the task killer app if it is there on your phone. Some users found solution following it. They said after disabling the task killer, “quick glance” started working properly.

    2. Navigate to motions and gesture option settings.Turn on Air Gesture and Motion. On Air Gesture option not only tab it, Click and hold it. You will see more options like air jump, and air browse. By default these are off. Tap to turn them on.

    3. Dial This on the Dialer : *#0*# it will take you to the diagnosis testing panel. You can simply and effective solve the Motions and Gesture issue in this screen.

    You have just learnt how to fix motions and gestures problems on galaxy s4.
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