Major Battery Drain after flashing Lollipop

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    Hey there!

    I flashed the official Lollipop two days ago without doing a factory reset. Right now, I am experiencing horrible battery life.

    GSAM reports that the phone radio is using 35% of the battery life. I also see the 4G icon blinking every few seconds, indicating that mobile data is being used. How can I solve this? My battery life was perfect before flashing Lollipop...

    Many thanks in advance!
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    First thing you should do

    First thing you should do is the traditional factory reset.

    Although I updated without resetting and one of my friends did a full wipe before and after, and we both see a decrease in battery life. Nothing too horrible, but noticeable.

    So I think it's just Lollipop.

    After all, even the Nexus devices have been having battery issues with it.
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    Check your Power Saving menu

    Check your Power Saving menu mate

    I have similar problems with all apps that are using mobile data.

    Their Total connection time is really long even though I have used them for a few minutes.
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    Flash echoe lollipop rom.

    It is

    Flash echoe lollipop rom.

    It is way better then stock.

    No more battery drain for me and makes the phone much faster!
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    Formatting cache partition helped me

    Formatting cache partition helped me to get rid of the battery drain. I had the same issue.
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