Magnetic port problem Xperia Z3

Discussion in 'Sony' started by Guest, Mar 12, 2015.

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    <strong> Magnetic port problem Xperia Z3</strong>

    Hello people,

    Can I get some help please? Im really mad , my xperia z3 magnetic port loose after a use of 2 weeks with the charging dock, that means I am loosing waterproof.

    Any solid fix for that ? Maybe a recommended glue or something ?
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    Hey mate,

    I had the same

    Hey mate,

    I had the same problem but mine has been fixed under warranty by UK Sony. Unfortunately, it came out second time as well.

    The problem is the magtron x2. - <strong>DO NOT BUY THAT!</strong>

    So I am on the same boat and now I am looking for a glue to do the job for myself… I could send the phone back but that would be the longest solution…
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    I seen this type of

    I seen this type of problem before and it happens very often, the adhesive I've seen recommended is sikaflex 291, which is on amazon - it's a marine sealant apparently

    Good luck everyone.
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    Thank you guys, I have

    Thank you guys, I have purchased that glue and I managed to fix it.

    I will post some screenshots later on ^_^

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