LG LGMS323 4G Phone


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This was one of the cheaper model smartphones available at a local MetroPCS store (out of a selection that was pretty slim to begin with). Although it started out working fine, I have had it for about six months now, and since I have had it I have started to notice the following issues:

it reboots spontaneously, a couple times a day
depending on the charger, sometimes it will say "charging slowly" and take forever to charge
I cannot send or receive MMS messages (this is REALLY annoying, why even bother having a smartphone??)
it freezes up a lot

I have tried cleaning it up, removing programs that were taking up a lot of memory, just about everything short of taking it in, because metroPCS has absolutely horrible customer service...but you get what you pay for. Could anyone recommend anything else I could do to help any of these issues??


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I would try a hard reset (It's helped me in the past with issues like random restarts and stuff). Does the "charging slowly" notification appear only with some chargers? Cause that might be normal, as not all chargers will charge your phone at the same speed. How does the charger that came with the phone perform? But all of this said, maybe taking it in wouldn't be so bad. If it's still under warranty.