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    Hello, everybody. I'm new to this forum and I'd like to contribute by reviewing this phone. Nobody has yet reviewed it here on the forum, so I will start and give you my thoughts on the phone so far. I bought it for Christmas last year, and have been using it since, for over six months. The phone has a 5.0 inch display, and the buttons are neatly located on the back of the phone, rather than on the front, which gives a lot cleaner look.

    The phone has 8 GB of storage, but only around 4 can be used, because the OS takes up half of it, but I find that this is enough for me. I have a few apps installed that I use regularly, and the phone rarely locks up or anything, whereas my girlfriend has bought three different Samsung Galaxy phones and all have started acting up and being very slow, except for the last one she got, the Galaxy A3. Anyhow, I have a little bit over 1 GB free of storage, and the phone functions normally.

    The main 8 mpx camera is pretty nice, and the photos are very clear and high resolution, however, the front-facing camera is very bad, as it is only 1 mpx, and the photos are usually very blurry. I find that the main camera is good enough for most photos, and I don't use any of the filter cameras like Candy Camera or whatever. Also, you can record 1080p 30 FPS videos with it, which is pretty good for recording YouTube videos.

    One of the features of this phone, and the G series phones, I think, that makes it stand out from all of the other Android phones is the Knock code. Knock code unlocks your phone if you tap on your screen twice, and it's refreshing to do that rather than press the button. You can, also, set a secret tapping pattern of up to 4 taps, I think, to protect your privacy, but I don't use that. Another nice feature of this phone is that you can clear the apps cache by clicking one button in your settings, the Smart Cleaning. Instead of having to download a cleaner app, you have one in your phone. Other than clearing cache, it can clear your downloads for you, and it keeps track of apps you don't use and notifies you if you haven't used some app for a really long time, so you can delete it if you don't need it.

    That's about all I can think of, right now. I'm not paid to do this, and I am not a professional, so I may have forgot about some important thing about the phone, but if there is anything that you want to know more, feel free to post here and I will kindly help you out. I recommend this phone to anyone who wants a good but not so expensive phone. This is basically a budget version of LG G2, that looks like G3. The games on it run smoothly, and the games I have played on it are Subway Surfers, Candy Crush, Relic Run, Kiwi Wonderland and Drag Racing. All of these games run very nicely on this phone.
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