Is Windows 8.1 Worth The Upgrade

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    Why Windows 8.1 Is Worth The Try.

    • functional for Multitasking by snapping two or more applications side by side
    • Microsoft has done an excellent job by allowing users to search things from computer. Windows store, sky drive and even the Internet at one single search box (although it was available in windows8 too but in windows8.1 it’s more advanced)
    • Numerous Pre-loaded applications, which are really applicable
    • integration with Sky's drive allow to make up back up online, which evades the risk of losing data
    • start button was there since I used Windows 98 but in Windows 8 it suddenly disappeared, but finally it's back in windows 8.1

    So do that convince you to upgrade from windows 8 to windows8.1? Ok I got one more great news. Windows8 users may upgrade to windows8.1 free of cost by downloading the file available in windows store. Now I bet most of you have already started searching for it in windows store. As far as windows7 users are concerned then you shall upgrade to windows8.1 too because along with the above-mentioned pros, you even get more advantages to upgrade from windows 7 to windows 8.1. Let me write down few

    Let's Look at Some Cool Features

    It has mind blowing security. In fact, I have been using windows 8 for approximately one year but have never felt a need of installing any antivirus or Internet security software because its windows defender is sufficient to deal with virus's

    User friendly with all devices including mobile, tablet, Personnel computer. The interface i Rich and Attractive. After the update, it is perceiving that A sharpening in terms of resolution and pixel ratio has optimized

    New Windows has a fabulous layout. The Apps are presentable and alterable. You can gather genres of apps within sections and special layout of your own kind. Microsoft has really stepped up the game on how it gives us customers control over fine areas

    • 5-30% increase in Startup time (in an app with ListView, e.g. Mail)
    • 2x List Planning
    • 10-20% lower memory usage in XAML
    • 15-35% faster: Editing in a WinJS ListView

    Along with previous software’s latest software’s is even compatible with windows 8

    Windows store is introduced, which have tons of apps well organized in categories so it is easy to browse for apps relevant to your needs.With the new search system, Windows 8.1 Search Interfaces with the Internet and your personal computer at once. When you make a search on you computer, windows 8.1 retrieve search results from your computer and over the Internet mutually.

    Hope now it seems worth upgrading to windows 8.1 from windows7. if you are planning to buy a windows8.1 tablet, then do remember there are two versions

    1. Windows8.1 RT: It Allows to run applications only available in windows store
    2. Windows 8.1 Pro: It Allows a user to run all software’s either from windows store or other typical .exe software’s you run on your PC or laptop,
    In Conclusion,
    In the light of above discussion it shall be clear that upgrading to latest windows 8.1 are vital beside that we must update our devices regularly to maintain its security and efficient operation of our expensive devices. As always, I guess this article assisted you in making decision. Now i am asking you Is Windows 8.1 Worth The Upgrade?
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