Is the Note 4 better than the Nexus 6?


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In my opinion it is. I get much better battery life on the Note 4 and this phablet also has a lot of other features which aren't available on the Nexus 6.


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As much as I love the Nexus 6, the Note 4 is a better phablet for most users. It gets better battery life, slightly better performance under most metrics, and TouchWiz comes with enough extra features to not make it an overbearing UI skin. However, you'll prefer the Nexus 6 if you value stock Android and the ability to choose your carrier at will (due to the device being factory unlocked, even purchased from a wireless carrier). If the Nexus 6 had featured some of Motorola's own Moto UI features, then it would have probably been a closer matchup with the Note 4.

Then again, it wouldn't have been a Nexus device at that point - it would have been a Motorola Moto XL! :p


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