Is it worth repairing? Vodafone smart 4 turbo

Discussion in 'Other Android Phones' started by Yosh, Jun 10, 2015.

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    Jun 10, 2015
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    Hi there! I got myself a Vodafone smart 4 turbo, which is basically an Alcatel smart phone. Simply put, this phone is garbage. It worked amazing for a few weeks, then started slowly deteriating. At the moment the screen messes uo whenever it gets slightly warm. I can't use the header bar up at the top of the phone (to access notifications). It also sometimes freaks out and I guess senses touch when there isn't any? It often brings down the header bar itself and opens up the date and time settings. This is annoying in two ways, firstly the screen becomes unresponsive until I love the screen. Secondly, I have to exit the date and time settings every time I want to do practically everything, only to have it come up again only a few moments later! Its infuriating. I got the phone repaired only a little while ago with this exact problem. Didn't do anything IMO.
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