iPhone 6s Data Issues!

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    We’ve already talked about some iPhone 6s problems users have been complaining about, including Bluetooth not working, poor battery life, and Wi-Fi issues. A number of people who bought this powerful device also reported data connection problems, which is why we have listed a few simple solutions: 5 ways to fix iPhone 6s data issues.

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    5 ways to fix iPhone 6s data issues

    Solution No.1: Toggle the Airplane mode on/off

    Many people fixed iPhone 6s data problems with just a few clicks, by going to Settings, turning on the Airplane mode, and turning it back off after a couple of seconds. Try this out, perhaps it will work for you as well.

    Solution No.2: Toggle Cellular data on/off

    This is another simple fix for data issues. What you need to do here is go to Settings > Cellular > Cellular data. Turn it off, and then turn it back on.

    Solution No.3: LTE off/on

    Many people who had the data problems on iPhone 6s solved it by turning off LTE and turning it back on after a minute. Navigate to Settings, tap Cellular, choose Enable LTE and turn it off. Wait a few minutes, and then turn LTE back on. Hopefully, this will solve the issue.

    Solution No.4: Restart your iPhone 6s

    In order to restart your device, press and hold the sleep/wake button - when the slider appears, drag it and turn off your iPhone. When it's off, again press and hold the same button and turn it on.

    Solution No.5: Reset Network Settings

    If the solutions listed above didn't solve the problem, this one may work: to reset network settings. As we said at the beginning, these 5 ways to fix iPhone 6s data issues are all pretty simple, including this one. Follow the steps below:

    • Go to Settings
    • Tap General
    • Tap Reset
    • Select Reset All Settings option.
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