iPhone 6 Red Screen Issue!

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    From the series of iPhone’s, Apple has surprised their fans with the release of ultimate iPhone 6. It's efficient, and costly. When the price is high, then one expects the best service output from the investment. There have been many issues reported by the users. The iPhone red screen is one that we all would never want to encounter. Still, there are many disappointed iPhone 6 users who have faced and still facing this issue.

    After a thorough research and development, here we are going to discuss the issue and will look into the solution. As always, it's advisable to charge your iPhone and always keep the backup of your phone data in your computer.

    There have been several statements made after the issue came into the limelight. Some speculation were about the software malfunction and others claimed it to be a hardware issue. But, to this ongoing issue there hasn’t been any statement made by Apple except that they are working on this issue and will come up with a fix very soon.


    Let's try the below explained procedure in order to rectify the problem of red iPhone screen

    1. Connect your iPhone to your Computer: Open up iTunes on your computer and with the help of a USB cable connect your iPhone to your computer.
    2. Reset your iPhone: This is a case where your iPhone has a red screen and the touch is unresponsive. Now, to reset your iPhone, press and hold the home and sleep/wake button simultaneously until the Apple logo appears. Do not let go of the buttons.
    Simply restarting your iPhone won’t help if your touch screen and the buttons are unresponsive. Now, your iPhone will show you the text, read it and follow the next course of action.

    1. Enter into the DFU Mode: As the phone will not power down completely without restarting automatically, so entering into the recovery mode will not work so you’ll have to enter DFU Mode.
    While continuing to hold the button, wait until the Apple logo disappears, then after 3 seconds only let go the sleep/awake button keep holding the home button until iTunes detect it. Now, the screen will go completely black.

    1. Restore your iPhone: If this is the first time you are using your computer to connect to iTunes, then you might get a warning stating not able to connect. Just discard the message. Now in the iTunes window, press confirm the message of iTunes detected your iPhone in recovery mode. Simply hit restore iPhone and follow the screen instruction to erase iPhone and restore your iPhone to the latest version of iOS.
    2. Set up as New iPhone (Restore from backup): Once the latest iOS version is installed, you’ll be able to set up your device. Just follow the setup instructions on your iPhone 6 and choose to set it up as a new iPhone.

    Now you won’t find your iPhone 6 freezing on red screen.

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