iPhone 6 Doesn't Ring!

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    You are probably extremely satisfied with your iPhone 6. Many users are. However, this device occasionally has some issues, like any other device. One of the problems is when the phone simply doesn’t ring. Before you turn to Apple, you can check some solutions we provided. In the text below, you will see 5 ways to fix iPhone 6 doesn't ring. With a little patience, you can try all the listed solutions, and hopefully, your phone will ring normally.

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    5 ways to fix iPhone 6 doesn't ring

    Solution No.1: Check if the Mute is on

    Sometimes, when you don’t pay too much attention, the reason why your phone is not ringing may be the fact the Mute is on. To check this, look at the Mute switch which is located on the side of your device. The mute is turned on when the orange line is visible inside the switch.

    Solution No.2: Do not disturb

    Another reason why this issue may occur is Do not disturb option. To check if it is on, navigate to Settings, and click on Do not disturb. If the Manual is on, turn it off. If the Scheduled is on, check the times in which this option is set to be used. Maybe the phone did not ring because it was set that way.

    Solution No.3: Reset network settings

    To do this, go to Settings, tap on General, tap on Reset, and click on Reset network settings.

    Solution No.4: Turn off 4G

    From the Home screen, click on Settings, and choose Cellular. Click on the Enable LTE switch. Turn off 4G.

    Solution No.5: Reset all settings

    All the solutions we listed here, 5 ways to fix iPhone 6 doesn't ring are pretty simple and do not require too much time or effort. This one is no exception - it will reset the settings of your iPhone to factory defaults, but your data and your apps won't be deleted.

    • Navigate to Settings
    • Tap General
    • Tap Reset
    • Tap Reset all settings
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