iPhone 5s Call Failed Error!

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    Getting the message on your iPhone 5s that says call failed every time you want to call someone is certainly annoying, but we have some ideas that will help you to solve the problem. Solutions you will find are very simple, and each solution is explained in details, which means you’ll get rid of the issue without too much hassle, so let’s get started. Here are 5 ways to fix iPhone 5s call failed error.

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    5 ways to fix iPhone 5s call failed error

    Solution No.1: Airplane mode on/off

    Airplane mode can fix many problems you may experience on your iPhone, including call failed error, and what you should do is this:

    • Go to Settings
    • Turn the Airplane mode on
    • Wait for about 10 to 30 seconds
    • Turn the Airplane mode off.
    Solution No.2: Date & Time

    For some users who had the same problem, switching off the option “Set Automatically” worked. Follow these steps:

    • Launch the Settings app
    • Tap on General
    • Tap on Date & Time
    • Turn off the option “Set Automatically”
    • Set your home town manually
    • Restart your device (press and hold the power button and drag the slider to power off, and once the phone is off, press and hold the power button once more time, until the Apple logo shows on the screen).
    Solution No.3: Turn off LTE

    Turning off LTE on your iPhone 5s can be the solution that will fix the problem for you. Here is how to do it:

    • Navigate to Settings
    • Tap on General
    • Tap on Cellular
    • Turn off LTE.
    Solution No.4: Reset network settings

    Follow these steps to reset network settings:

    • Go to Settings
    • Tap on General
    • Tap on Reset
    • Choose Reset Network Settings
    • The small window will pop up, so you can confirm the action.
    Solution No.5: Show my caller ID off/on

    Switching the option “Show My Caller ID” to off, and then back on can fix iPhone 5s call failed error:

    • Go to Settings
    • Tap on Phone
    • Scroll down and tap on Show My Caller ID
    • Turn the option off
    • Wait for a couple of seconds
    • Turn the option back on.

    This problem was bugging many iPhone users, and there are many discussions on this particular topic on many forums. These 5 ways to fix iPhone 5s call failed error are among the most effective ones.

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