iPhone 5c Storage Is Full Issue !

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    Every iPhone user will face the full storage issue at some point. It is not the actual problem with the iPhone, including iPhone 5c, it just means you have too much data on your phone, which is why you are running out of free storage space. Free storage is vital, especially when you want to upgrade your phone, and you may realize you don’t have enough space.

    We have prepared 5 ways to fix iPhone 5c storage is full issue and these tips will make a huge difference. Let’s get started.

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    5 ways to fix iPhone 5c storage is full issue

    5 ways to fix iPhone 5c storage is full issue

    Solution No.1: Clear Safari cache

    To do this, go to Settings > Safari > Cookies and Data. With this simple step you will have more free space. Make sure to do this every once in a while.

    Solution No.2: Uninstall several apps

    Let’s be honest. We all enjoy installing and trying out a wide range of apps available, and at the end of the day, we only use a couple of them. Delete the ones you don’t need. You cannot delete the apps which are the part of iOS. How to delete the app on your iPhone 5c?

    • Find its icon on the home screen
    • Press and hold it until an X appears
    • Click on X, and you’ll delete the app.
    Solution No.3: Photos and videos

    If you have many photos and videos on your device, you should move them on your computer, and delete them from your device.

    Solution No.4: Music

    Often, we all forget how many songs we actually have on our devices. Consider deleting the songs you don’t listen to anymore. None of the offered 5 ways to fix iPhone 5c storage is full issue does not require too much time or effort, including this one.

    Solution No.5: Messages

    If you have too many saved messages on your iPhone 5c, once you delete them you will free a lot of space, especially if there are many group messages with photos and videos.

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