iPhone 5c Cellular Data Issues!

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    Are you experiencing cellular data issues on your iPhone 5c? We’ve all been there. You are trying to connect to a network, and nothing happens, or you do connect, but the connection is too slow. Yes, we know, these issues are driving you crazy, and we’ll try to help. Take a look at 5 ways to fix iPhone 5c cellular data issues that are listed below. Cellular data issues are actually pretty common, and these solutions are very effective, so make sure to try them out.

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    5 ways to fix iPhone 5c cellular data issues

    Solution No.1: Toggle Airplane mode

    Airplane mode is one of the magical solutions for a wide range of IPhone issues, including this one, when cellular data isn’t working on iPhone 5c. The thing you should do is to go to Settings, turn the Airplane mode, wait for a couple of seconds, and turn it back on. Problem solved. At least for some users.

    Solution No.2: Restart your iPhone

    To restart your iPhone 5c, press and hold the power button, and when slider shows up, drag it to the right, and turn off your phone. When it’s off, press and hold the power button one more time, and turn the phone back on.

    Solution No.3: Reset network settings

    When you have a problem with the Wi-Fi network, or cellular data network, but also with Bluetooth, resetting network settings can solve them all, that’s why it is listed as of the 5 ways to fix iPhone 5c cellular data issues. Here is what you should do:

    • Open the Settings app
    • Tap on General
    • Tap on Reset
    • Select Reset all Settings
    • Your phone will reboot
    Solution No.4: Update IOS

    Issues on the iPhone are often solved with a new version of IOS, so if there is one available, make sure to upgrade your device. This can fix iPhone 5c cellular data problems. Check out the following article, and follow the steps provided to update iOS:

    How to update iOS on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

    Solution No.5: Reset all settings

    If you already have the latest version of IOS installed, and first three solutions didn’t give any results, try this one. Just follow these simple steps:

    • Open the Settings app from the Home screen
    • Tap on General
    • Tap on Reset
    • Select Reset all Settings
    • Confirm that you want to reset all settings.
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