iPhone 5 Constantly Restarting Problem!

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    We are sure that you adore your iPhone 5, and there is no doubt about it, but sometimes, you can find yourself in a situation when your favorite device does not work properly. One of the issues that may occur is when the phone keeps restarting every few minutes. When that happens, you practically cannot use your device, because each time you try to call someone or send a text, it will restart – again. You are not alone in this because many other people experienced the same issue. Before you take your device to the Apple store, try one of these 5 ways to fix iPhone 5 constantly restarting problem.

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    5 Ways To Fix IPhone 5 Constantly Restarting Problem

    5 ways to fix iPhone 5 constantly restarting problem :

    Solution No.1: Turn the Cellular data on/off

    This sounds strange to many users, but sometimes, it can fix the problem. Simply turn off your cellular data, wait a minute, and turn it back again.

    Solution No.2: Remove faulty applications from your device

    Most of the apps you have downloaded and installed to your device will work perfectly. However, not every app is great, and some of them have glitches, which can be the reason why your iPhone 5 is restarting. Think about it. Did you install some app lately, shortly before the problem occurred? If that is the case, delete that app, and reboot your phone.

    Solution No.3: Old Backup restore

    This can be tricky, especially because your phone is restarting every few minutes. Anyway, give it a shot. Connect your device with iTunes, and perform the restore.

    Solution No.4: Recovery Mode and Restore

    First, use the recovery mode. Turn off your device by holding the sleep / wake button, swipe on the slider. Use the USB cable to connect your device to your computer and iTunes. Make sure to hold the home button on your iPhone 5 until you notice the Connect iTunes. iTunes will open, and you will get the message that your device has been detected. Go to the Summary panel and choose Restore. You will have to click on it again, in order to authorize the action. Your device will restart, and you will get the welcome screen.

    1. Connect your iOS device to the computer. Turn on iTunes.
    2. Backup your iOS device.
    3. Disconnect the device and quit iTunes.
    4. Put the iPhone in recovery mode.
    5. Open iTunes on the PC.
    6. Connect the iOS device. iTunes should show that an iOS device is in recovery mode.
    Solution No.5: Update iOS

    In some cases, the software update will solve the issue. The simplest way to do so is wirelessly. First, connect your iPhone with the power source. Go to Settings, choose General, and go to Software update. Choose Download and Install.

    These 5 ways to fix iPhone 5 constantly restarting problem will probably be enough. If not, make sure to visit the Apple Store, and replace the device.

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