iOS 8.x.x Jailbreak thread


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I think it would be useful to have a thread for this, and update it every time a jailbreak for the newest iOS comes out. Anybody can update whenever news are available.

I believe the latest jailbreak is for iOS 8.1.2, and Jailbreak teams have been trying to release it for newer versions, but it seems Apple is being a smartass and patching all the exploits needed to make these jailbreaks work. So, update for anything beyond 8.1.2 is still unsafe for Jailbreakers.

Apparently jailbreak teams are aiming for iOS 8.4 at the moment, let's hope they're successful. We had to wait a lot for iOS 7 jailbreaks, I hope this time the waiting doesn't last forever at least.


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My brother once had an iPhone and was using an older iOS. He jail-break it, got it working for a while until the new iOS came out. Once it is updated, the phone became useless, and everything messed up. He ended up with Samsung Note instead.

I just don't trust the jailbreak procedure, so my phone is factory unlocked!