ios 8 on iphone 4s



Hi all,

I have a problem with my iphone 4s since installing ios8. my wifi randomly stopped working and the option to turn it on or off was greyed out. i have done 2 master resets, and cleared my whole phone and still not working .


I think this is a motherboard issue. You might want to call Apple's tech support or the store where you bought it from. Hopefully, you still have Apple Care.


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Have you tried setting your phone back to a previous version of the software? The 4S can take version 8 because mine is working alright on it, so it is not that.

It does sound like something has gone within the phone, I am afraid you might need to take a trip to your nearest Apple store! At least they are usually able to help, if it's completely broken and out of cover they should offer you a reconditioned phone at a fairly decent cost. My sister dropped my old Iphone into a cup of water after I passed it onto her, the wifi stopped working and the backlight broke. They sorted her a new one for under £100 which was less than the other store had offered to just sort the backlight and screen out for.


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I noticed that this operating system is working very well on my iPhone 4S. Unfortunately my screen is correct right now so I haven't been able to really use it to its highest capability. But it definitely has been an interesting process. Hopefully I'll be able to truly activate the full potential of this new upgrade.


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If you have tried getting rid of the update then it means that it isn't a software issue therefore it must be a hardware issue. Try calling Apple support however if they repair it, it would cost a fortune.