Internal memory error


I have a HTC One and i have a problem . I don`t have to many apps, only 5, but it shows up a message regarding internal memory continuously. I don`t know where is the problem, what`s this internal memory error and why did I get this ? Any solutions ? :mad:


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Without knowing specific details and the actual error code the phone is displaying its pretty hard to say for definate.

The HTC ONE comes with sufficient storage to be able to handle any app you want to install, aswell as the bloatware that already comes with it.

This also applies to the amount of RAM the phone offers aswell and its usually capable of running as many apps as you want in the background without affecting the performance of the phone.

Like I said without knowing exactly the make and model and the actual error, I'd probably suggest a hardware failure will be the cause if your only actually running 5 apps. If the phone is still under warranty a quick visit to a local store and they'll be able to determine the cause.

I'd be interested on an update on this thread aswell, did it ever get fixed and if so what was behind the error?