Installing Wanam cause problems


My story is like this :

I rooted my new Note 4, and only added Wanam Xposed and use Wanam to hide my root status so that I could use T-Mobiles softcard payment app. :)
I shut off my phone after that. When I turned on my phone, guess what, it got stuck on the white T-Mobile screen.I pulled the battery, thinking this is a good idea, and it only would boot to the white t-mobile screen,
Thanks God,I was able to restore the phone to original with online restoration program from Samsung .

My problem is: Do I have a defective phone? Or I souldn`t installing Wanam?
The phone works after the restoration, but I`m worried. Could it be defective?

Thanks !


Staff member
You don`t have to do this. Make sure you didn`t installed something that affects another program and apps. See if Wanam may or may not broke something else.


You`re right, I will pay attention next time. But I have one more question . If I make a new restoration, there is something that can happen ?