I have No WiFi on my Samsung Galaxy S3

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    I bought a Samsung Galaxy S3. And it won't connect to WiFi. We tried everything. Nothing works... verything works fine. Only WiFi won’t work at all. Doesn’t matter where I am. Does anyone has the same problem? Does anyone know how to fix this?
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    Is this only happen with

    Is this only happen with your samsung galaxy s3 alone?

    type these in the url

    Linksys –
    3Com –
    D-Link –
    Belkin –
    Netgear –
    >Login and change the Encryption type from AES to TKIP

    Another way you can fix this is to disable all connected devices that are on the network then connect yours first.

    Doing a reset of the modem can also fix this problem,a button at the back

    Navigate to your settings and change the date and time. this solve the problem for most people.

    For more information, please read here --
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