I have deleted Default Camera app from my Z3

Discussion in 'Sony' started by Guest, Mar 12, 2015.

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    <strong>I have deleted Default Camera app from my Z3</strong>


    I was playing with titanium and accidentally I have deleted the default Camera App and when i try to reinstall it, it said it failed.

    Please help me with flashable file or a guide on how to install it.

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    If you have the original

    If you have the original apk it's enough to copy that file into /system/priv-app/ and give it 644 permission, then reboot and it's done.
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    Thanks for the suggestion but

    Thanks for the suggestion but I tried this from another Xperia Z3, and apparently it is not working.

    It fails same as before.
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    You can't install it the

    You can't install it the normal way.. You have to copy the apk <strong>AND </strong>the odex file to /system/app and then it will work.
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    As anon said, you can try to reinstall it with the original apk if you copy paste it in the location specified, or you can either try and reset your phone, this feature from what I know it takes you back to the phone original pack which includes camera app.
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    I suggest you do a clean flash on your Xperia Z3. I have personally tested this guide and it works. I'll make it short and simple

    Disclaimer Alert:
    Pictures & installation guide goes out to the respective owners! I do not take any credit for creating this guide.

    First Things First:
    • Make sure your device at-least have 60% of charge.
    • Everything on your device will get erased.
    Step 01 - Downloading Required Files
    Step 02 - Install Flashtool. Extract the downloaded firmware and copy the extracted FTF file to the Flashtool's directory (i.e C:/Flashtool/firmwares/)

    Step 03 - Open up Flashtool. Select the Flash icon on the furthest left. When prompted, select Flashmode.

    Step 04 - Select your firmware in the window. See below:


    Step 05 - Click on Flash.

    Step 06 - The program will ask you to connect your device. First turn off your phone completely. Then press and hold the volume button while connecting your phone to your PC via USB.

    Step 07 - Flashing will begin. Just sit back and wait for it to complete. Once done, unplug USB from phone and press the power button to turn on.

    I hope you find this useful. Let me know if you face any issue or in need of guidance!

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