HTC one mini - voice signal problem



Hello ,

I am writing here about my problem , although I did my best to solve it as discrete as possible.

I own a HTC One mini, purchased from Vodafone for about 10 months . The phone worked perfectly .

As of this morning, the phone began to play sound in headset and my voice to the interlocutor weird. ( metallic sound with rustling , many high voice like Smurfs ) . So weird and I hear and I'm hearing strange.

I reported the problem to HTC and I was directed to Regenersis .

People there are very ok , checked , they found and did their job.
But troubles continued and I contacted HTC , International , however . From there I asked to change the GSM network and see if the problem persists (so they knew about the issue ) . Surprise , GSM sound is ok . They cited a possible compatibility issue with 4G + terminal

Since a month I struggle to solve the problem, as I was with the phone in service, I changed the SIM as I took my card , the terminal was sold to me by Vodafone , encoded in Vodafone to Vodafone ( so you should know what compatibility there ) , in conclusion I did everything in my power as a civilized customer.

Thanks and hope to get a solution ....

Eugene B
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Good morning, Eugene!

The situation described

Good morning, Eugene!

The situation described requires thorough check. Thus, I kindly ask you to access the Vodafone website and select the option to get in touch with an operator via chat :)
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My best advice would be to back all of your stuff up and give the phone a factory reset. It seems to be a solution for all sorts of problems and is the first step to any trouble shooting. If that doesn't work you should call HTC to see if the phone is still in warranty. Good luck!