HTC One M8 Slow Charging Battery Drain Issue !

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    HTC One M8 is no doubt a great handset to own equipped with high-end features but it is known to have some issues with battery draining. Most people are saying that the phone comes with a powerful battery lifespan, and they are really impressed by its performance. However, despite its 2600 mAh battery , few people are having slow charging issue on HTC One M8 and according to them, the battery is draining too fast.

    The new HTC One M8 is packed with Qualcomm's new efficient Snapdragon 801 chipsets. Therefore, the battery life of this phone should not be such an issue.

    You will get at least two-day usage of the HTC One M8 when doing the things like checking mail, browsing and using apps. But , not for playing high intensive games and watching movies, because this will drain your battery by 40% in no time.

    We are going to share a guide on how to fix HTC One M8 slow charging /battery draining issue .

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    How to fix HTC One M8 slow charging and battery draining issue
    Most of the time the HTC Battery will drain by 5% per hour, sometimes 1-2%. Although the improvement of the HTC One M8 battery is noticeable, after installing new apps, it will eventually decrease the overall battery consumption. Hence, your HTC One M8 will start draining fast or start taking longer to charge.

    When Techradar tested the battery life, the screen didn't seem to drain the battery life as much as the previous models would have. Follow below fixes for this issue.


    Before going ahead with any method, ensure you have done the following workaround to save your device from fastest battery drainage and slow charging issue.

    • Reduce Screen Brightness
    • Turn off vibration feedbacks
    • Turn off data connection when screen is off
    • Allow only important apps to run in the background
    • Turn off Pedometer

    Solution 1
    One of the ways to fix the HTC One M8 slow charging battery issue is to enable (EPSM) Extreme Power Saving Mode. Most people are not enabling this feature because they think it will decrease the overall CPU Performance. But this is not true, HTC One M8 somehow managed to provide moderate CPU performance with extra power saving mode enabled. Here is how to activate this mode.

    • Using your two fingers swipe down from the status bar and open Quick Settings
    • Then tap Extreme power saving mode and the feature will be enabled.

    But, if you don't have the feature on your HTC One M8, then

    • Go to Settings on your phone
    • Tap on About Phone
    • Next tap on Software Update and update the device with the latest version available.
    As the phone is updated, you will find the EPSM feature on your device, then go ahead to enable it.

    Solution 2
    There are many users who might not want to enable the Extreme power saving mode as this might affect the CPU performance. So, the thing you can do is to disable all the bloatware apps from the device. HTC One M8 comes with many bloatware apps that are actually of no use and end up taking lots of memory space and waste battery. Disable those apps.

    Solution 3
    Another simple way to fix HTC One M8 slow charging battery issue is to charge and discharge the lithium-ion battery once in a month.

    • Charge your HTC One M8 to 100%
    • Drain it to 0%.
    This will keep the battery calibrated and accurate.

    Solution 4
    If your HTC One M8 starts draining rapidly, like 10-15% per hour, then it must be a third party app which you have installed recently that is causing the issue.

    • Go to settings
    • Power Usage
    • Look for any suspicious app that is eating your battery. Check for loopholes in Newly installed apps and then uninstall it from your device.

    Solution 5
    Download GSam Battery Monitor


    Is your battery draining too quickly? Do you simply want to know how much time you have left before you need to recharge? Download ,GSam Battery Monitor.

    This app will find the culprit that's causing your slow charging or battery draining issue on your HTC One M8

    This also works for HTC One M8 Verzion and HTC One m8 AT&T .
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