How To Update The Software On Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge?

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    Samsung managed to impress everyone with their Galaxy S6 Edge. Its curved design really is something special, but that’s not all the users love about this smartphone. It comes with a great camera, its battery life is pretty good, and the overall performance this device delivers is great. You can always have more! If you are wondering how to get more, the answer is simple – update the software. You will not only get rid of some random bugs that may occur, you’ll get new features, and you will certainly be super satisfied with the performance of your device. Here we are going to show you how to update the software on Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. Before we begin, make sure to backup your files.

    How to update the software on Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

    We are going to share the guide that will show you how to update the software on Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge wirelessly. The entire process is very simple. Here is what you need to do:

    Make sure your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is connected to a Wi-Fi network. When it comes to software update, avoid the option of downloading via mobile network because of the additional charges.

    • Tap on Apps and click on Settings. Next, scroll and tap on the option “About device.”
    • The next thing is to click on Software updates and tap on Update now. You will see a warning that will remind you to avoid downloading the update via a mobile network. Click OK.
    • Your device will now check for the updates.
    • In case an update is not available, click OK. If there is an update, it will be downloaded. Click INSTALL, and then click OK.
    • Your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge will restart and then it will install the updates.

    That’s all. Enjoy the better performance, improved battery life, enhanced stability and new features!

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