How To Take Screenshots On LG G3?

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    If you are a big fan of smartphones then you already know almost everything about new LG G3. It is a beautifully designed mobile phone with several different features, functionalities and applications. In case you are not too familiar with this phone, and if you are wondering why people went crazy for this particular model, one of the reasons is its display resolution: 2560×1440.

    We know that most of the smartphone offer the option of taking screenshots. Here, we will show you How to take screenshots on LG G3. The steps are very simple, though this phone is a bit different than some other phones on the market. You can find main physical keys on the back of the phone, so you will have to get use to this.

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    How to take screenshots on LG G3

    You can take screenshots with QMemo+ application. For that follow the below steps:

    • Prepare the screen you want to capture
    • When you are ready swipe up and to the right from the bar of software keys placed on the bottom of your phone
    • Select QMemo+ option
    • QMemo+ application will capture the image
    • When the application capture the image you can write or draw on it if you like
    • When you are done, just tap the save option in the right corner top.
    You can also take screenshots using main keys of your LG G3 phone. For that:

    • Prepare the screen you want to capture
    • You will have to hold the power and volume down buttons at the same time
    • You will see that the phone took a shot
    • The image will be saved in the folder called Screenshots. That folder is placed on your internal storage. You can access to it through your Gallery application.
    So you can see both the methods are pretty easy. With these simple methods you now know easily take screenshots on LG G3. You can choose the one that you prefer.

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