How to see movies using a Mini SD Card Adapter for Apple

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    I have an iPad mini and an iPhone 5. I want to see films that I have in the computer and to transfer to a mini sd card, to view them on the iPad, but do not know which adapter to choose. I saw several variants, quite expensive, but i don't want to give money and to not work. I already have a large sd adapter card and I tried and does not work. What do you recommend?
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    Why don't you transfer via

    Why don't you transfer via WiFi?
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    Install VLC Player or Buzz

    Install VLC Player or Buzz from the Appstore to view movies in MKV format, or xvid without any problem.
    Connect your tablet to your computer> open iTunes> click on the tablet> in the top menu choose Apps> File Sharing> click on the app to see films> add file and select movies that interest you.
    If you find it too difficult, try the application, you have something that you Network scans the local network and you need to give the folder sharing movies. From the app, you go through your computer and select movies where you give "Copy to Device".

    Before this, when you open iTunes, check Summary> Options> Sync with this iPad over Wi-Fi
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