How to Root Samsung Galaxy S6 & Galaxy S6 Edge

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    In this guide you will learn how to root Samsung Galaxy S6 & Galaxy S6 Edge.

    Before you begin, be warned that performing this process and rooting your device will void your WARRANTY.

    Use at your own risk. This will not remove or delete anything from your phone. This method will trip knox. To remove root simply go to SuperSu app and full unroot from there.

    NOTE: If you have the Galaxy S6 Edge from T-Mobile then use the download for SM-G920T and not SM-G925T. Using the SM-G925T download will brick your device.

    What You Need:

    Odin3 V3.10:

    Mac or Linux/Ubuntu, use JODIN not Odin3:



    1) Check your device model number by going to:
    Settings -> About Device -> and the Model Number should be listed there.

    2) Turn the phone off and enter download mode. ( Hold Down Power -> Volume Down -> Home Button)

    3) Download Odin3 v 10 and your specific autoroot file from

    4) Unzip both folders and open odin. Click AP and find the MD5 file.

    5) Plug the Phone into your Computer, once Odin recognizes it click start.

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    In the past , i tried many time, but just keeps failing,it brings me a lot of trouble ,it has caused some mbile application stop working,i can't do anything except press the power button to shut off the scree, waiting a long time when i open any mobile application,then ,i see, what we need is a prefessoinal tool to root android ,
    But today ,i use AnyRooter to root my Samsung ,it is not difficult at all,it can make sure the phone will be protected ,to prevent the phone data or device get lost.

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