How To Root Samsung Galaxy s4 Active 4.3?

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    I have got a lot of questions regarding rooting Samsung galaxy s5 and Galaxy S4.I have not seen a way online to successful root a Samsung galaxy s4 without bricking the phone . The solution below is not difficult,moreover it is a simple application that is free which will Root your Samsung galaxy s4 active 4.3

    These are some of the questions my users had asked:

    Rooting my Samsung Galaxy S4 Active 4.3 Will void Warranty?

    Yes Your Warranty will be void

    Can I Unroot My Samsung Galaxy S4 Active 4.3 after rooted?

    Yes You can un- root your Samsung Galaxy s4

    How Long it takes to root OR unroot My Samsung Galaxy S4 Aactive 4.3?

    It will take approximately 5 minutes to Your Root your Samsung Galaxy S4 with this free application

    When will you begin with the process for Christ sake and Stop answering these questions!?


    This applies to:

    root samsung galaxy s4 at&t

    root samsung galaxy s4 verizon

    root samsung galaxy s4 i337

    root samsung galaxy s4 fido

    root samsung galaxy s4 us cellular

    How to root Samsung Galaxy S4 active 4.3 kitkat
    Follow these steps to root your Galaxy S4 Active 4.3 Kitkat :

    >Download and install Unlock Root Pro, this is a free Rooting software for Galaxy S4

    >Put Your phone in USB-Debugging

    >>Navigate to settings

    >>Click Developers Options

    >>Check "USB-Debugging"

    How to root Samsung Galaxy S4 active 4.3 kitkat
    >Connect your Galaxy S4 to the computer via original USB cable

    >launch “unlockroot.exe”

    >Now, to root your galaxy S4 active 4.3 , Click on the ROOT button.

    root your galaxy S4 active 4.
    >After, sit back and relax.The Application will take over everything.

    >When your galaxy S4 active 4.3 i rooted. Reboot your phone.

    To verify your Galaxy S4 is successful rooted. look for Superuser app
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