How to root Samsung Galaxy S2 Plus


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In this guide you will learn how to root Samsung Galaxy S2 Plus.

Before you begin, be warned that performing this process and rooting your device will void your WARRANTY.

Use at your own risk. This will not remove or delete anything from your phone. Using this root increases your flash counter and trips the KNOX warranty flag!

Before proceeding, please check your device model by going into: Settings -> About device -> Model number. If your device model is not listed, please do not try to root, because will not work and may even brick your device.

CWM Recovery GT-I9105P LINK :
CWM Recovery GT-I9105 LINK :

What you will need:
Android Firmware 4.2.2
Odin 3.10.0 :
Root Package :


1. First step you need to perform is to Download the CWM Recovery file corresponding to your model number, as advised above, as well as Odin and SuperSU.

2. Put the phone in download mode by pressing the Power button+Home button+Volume down button.

3.Connect the phone with your PC via the USB cable

4. At this point the PC should download drivers - wait for it to finish downloading.

5. Odin will mark your Box wih blue color and there should be something like COM:1 (Example)

6. Uncheck Auto Reboot option

7. Go to PDA (or AP) and find your recovery (Should be in Downloads, My Documents)

8. Click Start

9. When Odin says 'RES OK' take out battery, put it back again and go into Recovery mode by pressing the Power button+Home button+Volume up button

10. Go to 'install zip from sdcard' (If your Root Package is in your Phone Memory/Downloads) or to 'install zip from sdcard/sdcard1' (If your Root Package is in your SD Card/Downloads)

11. When you've found your Root Package select it via Power button, and install it , wait to complete then reboot.

12. You are done. Enjoy your rooted device.

Credits: + beegee