How to root Samsung Galaxy Note 3


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In this guide you will learn how to root Samsung Galaxy Y.

Before you begin, be warned that performing this process and rooting your device will void your WARRANTY.

Use at your own risk. This will not remove or delete anything from your phone. Using this root increases your flash counter and trips the KNOX warranty flag!

Before proceeding, please check your device model by going into: Settings -> About device -> Model number. If your device model is not the same as the downloaded file please do not try to root, because will not work and may even brick your device.

SM-N900 (International Exynos):

SM-N9005 (International Qualcomm):
(only works on 4.4 bootloaders, if you're still on 4.3 use the old version which you can find here:

SM-N900T (T-Mobile US):
SM-N900P (Sprint):
SM-N900R4 (US Cellular):
SM-N900W8 (Canadia):

SM-N900S (Korea):

SM-N9002 (China):
SM-N9006 (China):
SM-N9008 (China):
SM-N9009 (China, untested):


1. First step you need to perform is to Download the file matching your model number, from the above link.

2. Make sure the phone is charged more than 80%.

3. Also, you will want to Backup your contacts, messages, apps and everything important to you.

4. Take the file downloaded at step 1 and place it directly on your SD card. Do not extract it.

5. Turn off your device.

6. Boot to recovery mode by pressing the Home button, Power button and the Volume Up button.

7. Select "Apply update from SD Card".

8. Select the downloaded file and select Yes.

9. Select "Reboot system now" and wait until it finishes.

10. Check your apps and if you see the Superuser app, it means you are rooted.

11. Open Superuser and update your binaries.

12. You are done. Enjoy your rooted device.