How to root Samsung Galaxy Gear


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In this guide you will learn how to root Samsung Galaxy Gear.

Before you begin, be warned that performing this process and rooting your device will void your WARRANTY.

Use at your own risk. This will not remove or delete anything from your phone. Using this root increases your flash counter and trips the KNOX warranty flag!

To root the Samsung Galaxy Gear you will need the following files:
  • Samsung's official ADB Drivers from here.
  • Cydia Impactor from here.

Before proceeding with the steps, please head over to your Gear's settings and enable ADB.


1. Plug in the device and let it install all the drivers it needs.

2.Unzip the Cydia Impactor folder you just downloaded.

3. Open Impactor from the folder you just unzipped.

4. Drop SuperSU to /system/xbin/su .

5. Click start.

6. Once the process completes, the device will still look normal, but is fully rooted!I Enjoy your rooted device.