How to root Nexus 9?



<strong>How to root Nexus 9?</strong>

Hello guys,

I see you know a lot about phones. Could you tell me (in steps) how can I root my Nexus 9?

Thanks in advance.
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Hello Wolf,

Rooting your Nexus 9

Hello Wolf,

Rooting your Nexus 9 is easy. I will try to guide you with a few easy steps. If you have questions please don't hesitate to ask them.

First, you will need working ADB on your desktop computer and working fastboot. You can get the files from Android:

Don't forget to Backup your files. Any files you want to save on your Nexus 9 should be backed up now as the process will cause you to do a factory reset on your phone.

1. Enable OEM unlocking on your Nexus 9. This step is quite easy, too. Simply head to the settings menu on your Nexus 9 and find “About Tablet.” In there, tap the “Build Number” field 7-10 times until you get a message confirming that you now have access to developer settings. Press back to go to settings, and you should now see “Developer Options.” Click that, and be sure to enable the “Enable OEM Unlock” and “USB Debugging” settings.

2. Reboot into the bootloader. The easiest way to do this is to power off your Nexus 9 device, then hold the power button and volume down button simultaneously for 10 seconds. Alternatively, issue the command “adb reboot bootloader” while the device is powered on and connected to your ADB-enabled PC.

3. Go into fastboot mode. Upon booting into the bootloader, you should see options for “HBOOT” and “FASTBOOT.” Highlight the “FASTBOOT” option and select it by using the power button. You should now be in fastboot mode.

4. Unlock the bootloader. While in fastboot mode, use the “fastboot oem unlock” command on your computer to begin unlocking the bootloader. The device will prompt you to confirm that you want to do this at this time. Confirm it, and you should be good to go. Note that this does erase all your data, so be sure you’ve backed everything up as we discussed above. After it completes you should be back into the bootloader menu.

5. Flash the inject.img file to your device. From your command line, be sure to navigate to the directory where the “inject.img” file from the aforementioned download exists. From here, simply issue the command “fastboot boot inject.img” and your device will perform the step and take you back to the bootloader menu. This step flashes the SuperSU app to the system partition.

6. Flash the patched.img file to your device. This particular file flashes a patched kernel that is needed in order for SuperSU to work. Like the previous step, just navigate to the directory containing the “patched.img” file in your command line, then issue the command “fastboot flash boot patched.img”.

7. Reboot your Nexus 9. Everything should be good to go by now. Simply reboot your device (you can hold the power button for 10 seconds, select the reboot option in the bootloader or issue the “adb reboot” command from your PC) and you’ll be jumped back into a rooted version of Android 5.0!

Good luck Wolf!
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Cheers man! That was really

Cheers man! That was really helpfull and nicely written.