How to root Galaxy S Relay 4G


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In this guide you will learn how to root Galaxy S Relay 4G.

Before you begin, be warned that performing this process and rooting your device will void your WARRANTY.

1. First step will be to setting up the SDK. If you already have SDK, you are free to move to next step.

2. Download the Samsung Drivers and install them.

3. You will also need to Download Odin v3.04

4. Unzip the Odin archive and place it in a location you can find it, on the root of your C:\ drive is recommended.

5. Download ClockworkMod-based Recovery

6. Unzip into Odin3-v3.04 folder

7. Download Super User

8. Place the on your phones SD Card
9. Run "Odin3 v3.04.exe" in the Odin3-v3 folder

IMPORTANT: Go into your phone settings and click on Develop Option then make sure USB Debugging is checked.

10. Shut down your phone and connect the USB adapter to the computer and to your device.

11. Hold down Home, Volume Down and Power to boot the phone into download mode.

IMPORTANT: To confirm the device is connected and working, look for the blue COM box with the word Added!! inside

12. Uncheck the box labeled Auto Reboot

13. Press the dialog box labeled PDA and select the ClockworkMod-based Recovery named "cwm.tar.md5"

14. Press start and wait for the blue transfer bar which will appear on the screen, and let it complete.

15. Once the recovery has been transferred you should see a Green PASSED. At his point disconnect the phone and remove its battery.

14. Place the battery back into the phone and Immediately boot into recovery by holding down Home, Volume Up and Power

15. Once in recovery use volume down to select install zip from sdcard and hit power

16. Use volume down key to select and hit power.

17. Now you are rooted but we are not done yet, Reboot your phone and make sure super user is showing up in the app drawer.

18. Now open up a cmd window by going to the start menu of windows and typing in cmd in the search or by clicking on run on the right hand side.

19. In the cmd window navigate to adb which is part of the SDK kit you installed in step one.

20. Once you are in the same directory as adb.exe type adb shell.

21. Now type su and a pop up will show up on your phone

22. Click grant permission yes

23. Now type mount -o remount rw /system

24. Type cd system

25. Type rm recovery-from-boot.p

26. Type cd etc

27. Type rm

28. Repeat steps 9 to 14 BUT SKIP STEP 12

Please note that Technobezz will take no responsibility for any fault or damage caused by any procedures within this guide. No warranties of any kind are given.

Credits: Jay Dogg