How To Root And Unlock Samsung Galaxy S4?

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    Today, we are going to show you How To Root And Unlock Samsung Galaxy S4. There are two types of mobile phone users: those who will use default device software with no questions and observation, and others who want to explore other possibilities and to have full freedom with their phone. Are all those useless applications bothering you? Do you want to free up your RAM memory, and choose the applications you will use in multitasking mode, as well as many other opportunities, then it is time for to root your galaxy s4 . Root gives you super user permissions.

    To use root privileges you first need to unlock your galaxy S4. Today, many people buy phones from their local operators who initially may only be used on that network. If you want to use your Samsung galaxy s4 with another SIM card, then unlocking it will grant that permission. Unlocking methods can be risky, but if you carefully follow the instructions, your Samsung galaxy s4 will be successfully unlocked.

    How To Unlock Samsung Galaxy S4

    1 Dial * # 0011 # on your phone

    2 Then press MENU and BACK

    3 Press MENU again and then KEY INPUT and then type 1 and press OK

    4 Press the MENU button and then press the BACK

    You are now entered in the SERVICE MODE MAIN MENU.

    Tap [1] UMTS

    Then [1] DEBUG SCREEN

    Then [6] PHONE CONTROL

    Then [6] NETWORK LOCK

    Then tap [3] PERSO SHA256 OFF

    Then go back to the UMTS main menu by pressing menu and then back and then [6] COMMON

    Then press [6] NV REBUILD

    Then press the [4] RESTORE BACK UP

    Your phone will "freeze" and then a black screen will appear. After that, you will see shining blue LED lamp, and then Menu and Back key will appear. Wait until the phone restarts (it will take 1 minute), and yourSamsung galaxy s4 will be successfully unlocked.

    How To Root Samsung Galaxy S4
    1 Download Unlock Root Pro (Download with different browser from Chrome , This is Virus free )

    2 Enable USB debugging mode on your device go to Settings > Applications > Development on your device

    3 Connect your device and click Root button

    You successfully rooted your Samsung galaxy S4
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