How to restore Samsung Galaxy Gear


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Following the , in this thread you will learn how to restore Samsung Galaxy Gear after the root.


1.Using the USB, connect your Samsung Galaxy Gear to the PC.

2.From being powered on, press and hold the button of the right until the Gear shows "Samsung Galaxy Gear Rebooting" and rapidly press the button until you get to the "Select REBOOT MODE" screen.

3.Choose "Download" in the list by pressing the button to scroll.

4.Press and hold the button for 3 seconds (and let go! The screen won't change immediately) and let it boot into download mode.

5.Unzip the .zip file you just downloaded that contains the ROM itself.

Note: You can find a full list of ROMs in this thread from our friends at XDA:

6.Select the PDA button and open the .MD5 file in the folder you just unzipped.

7.Click the start button, and you'll be back to stock within a couple of minutes! (Most likely with any data on /data kept and all sideloaded apps remaining.)