how to restore blackberry imei?

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    I'm having connecting problems on my 9810 as I have mistakingly changed my imei to 0044xxxx
    This occurred when I tried fixing my bb with the redblink. I did however fix it eventually but the only prob is I need 2 restore my imei no. I need blackberry smart tool if anyone has it or knows what other good software there is please help me out here. Thanks :)
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    You can change the PIN

    You can change the PIN or IMEI Number on the blackberry by using blackberry official website.

    > Navigate to


    >Select Change device , this will be located at the left side of the screen

    > You will see a PIN and ESN Field. ESN is also refers to the IMEI #.

    ><strong> Change that number to restore your IMEI # ON Blackberry </strong>

    If you do not know your Blackberry IMEI # , THEN DIAL enter *#06#


    * Look under the battery or SIM card
    *Original box of the Phone
    *Your user Manual
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    Thank you 4 the info

    Thank you 4 the info but unfortunately that did not work because when I tried 2 create an account it asks me 2 register my device via host routing table ... And I am unable 2 do that with my device because there is no network access due the incorrect imei ... So do u have any other suggestions in mind?
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    Its fine the problem has

    Its fine the problem has been solved almost fully I managed to restore the imei and fixed signal with nv_writer/reader but I still need to find out how 2 get 3g working

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