How to Resolve Blurry Photos Issue ?


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When I try and get photos with my nexus 5, all photos are blurry, its bothering. I was sampling too show my assembly of Johnny Cash details, all pics are foggy.
I require an app that contains better photos please. Thanks


Hey its likely not the app, but Open Camera is probably the best and it's free. Before taking pics you need to check the accessories, make sure your camera is focused before you get the pictures. You can try Open Camera, hope it will solve your problem.


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The camera on the Nexus 5 isn't the greatest, but you can improve the focus by tapping on the subject of your photo before snapping the picture. This forces the camera to focus on that area, giving a better and more clear picture. It's more than likely the camera itself rather than the stock camera app. An app's not going to fix the somewhat low performance of the Nexus 5's camera, though the update to Android Lollipop did seem to make the camera better thanks to software improvements. There are still noticeable deficiencies nonetheless.