How to Remove keyboard in Notification bar


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I just took my Nexus 5 operating today. I installed application of keyboard and the whole time I use the APP and there is a small keyboard icon that displays up in the notification bar at the top left corner. How can I remove this icon?
Help please.. Thanks


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Actually, the icon will not appear if just one keyboard is visible google or not . When you enable a second keyboard, then the icon will appear up proposing the user to alternate between keyboards.
Try this to enable options.


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You can extinguish that by selecting only one keyboard usable.

Go to Settings > Language & Input > and then from your keyboard choice, check only one.

That image is there to admit you to switch between the keyboards if you have more than one chosen available apply from your settings list. :)


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Settings > Language & input > Disable "Selector Notification"

I'm not on a stock rom though, so I don't know if you'll still have that option.