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    Today I was scanning my website with and found a few suspicious Links. these URL was having a heavy load time on my website.

    URL: Technology ,The Way It Meant To Be&cv=1.7
    Location: Akamai
    Error/Status Code: 302
    Client Port: 49803
    Start Offset: 9.529 s
    DNS Lookup: 78 ms
    Initial Connection: 88 ms
    SSL Negotiation: 0 ms
    Time to First Byte: 234 ms
    Content Download: 20 ms
    Bytes In (downloaded): 0.7 KB
    Bytes Out (uploaded): 0.5 KB

    Not only was having a 3xx response but it is identified as a potential malware that redirects users to different links.Also, it's known to tamper with search engine results.I was searching the net for a solution to remove this thing, however all I was seeing Is how to remove it from your browser and not your website.

    While digging deeper in the situation I found out it was a Plugin that was causing to exist.

    Plugins and Add-ons that cause



    These are the two plugins that cause, share-this was the most prominent one that triggers the most request.

    I have removed "Sharethis" and kept "Addthis"

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